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Why Telegram is ban in Pakistan and Most of the Other Countries

Like whatsapp Telegram is one of the most popular platforms to chat and interact with others. Telegram takes chatting to another level by creating channels and groups. You can create a circle of friends all around the world and add them into your channel for discussions. People love to interact with new people and get some knowledge. 

Due to the low limit of restrictions on the users to upload and share content on the Telegram Web, people created groups and channels which are not good for the community. Adult content is prohibited in some of the countries and Telegram is not placing any kind of restriction on this type of content that's why some countries blocked telegram to operate in the country. 

Telegram is also a way to make money but due to greedy people starts groups and channels which are related to adults and other harmful content to attract people on their channel or group. Which causes lots of issues for those who don’t allow these types of things in their country.

Telegram also allows users to share videos and photos for dating and getting an audience for their page which is prohibited in Some countries. There is no other reason to block these types of content from showing in the particular country so the Government takes steps to block Telegram from operating in the region. 

In which Countries Telegram is blocked.

Telegram is block in almost all Islamic countries because Adult content is prohibited in Islam thats why Government had to block it. Telegram is blocked in Pakistan in fact all the content which shows promote adult content is block on internet in Pakistan which is good in a way that community do not like these types of content and It is prohibited in Islam.

How to Use Telegram where it is banned.

People found many ways to work on Telegram like they are using VPNs to run Telegram mobile apps. Telegram web can also be run on using VPNs. These things are not the solution to the problem. The best way to allow Telegram in all countries is that they need to fix standards for their community like Google, Twitter and Facebook.

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