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Google G-Suite Account Storage Pricing and Benifits

Google provides many features to its users and one of them is G-Suite. G-Suite used for team workers who share the same files, custom domain mail and file storage services. Cloud storages are expensive and do not have as much flexibility as google offers to their customers. You can have 4 TB of storage space in just 12 USD a month with google drive api to share your files on your website. 

G-Suite makes it easy to share emails, documents and files inside of an organization and also makes it easy to set meetings remotely between teams. G-Suite is the best option for organizations to store their files and share with teams to work on them or share on the internet whatever they need. G-Suite can also be used for a backup server.

Google also offers multiple users options for team work to share updates and contribute to your file library. You can also earn from your file collection by sharing it on your website and monetizing them with google adsense or other networks.

Most popular product of Google G Suite is cloud storage. Pricing can be up and down time by time but you can have as much space as you want. Which is a great option and you can avail many of the other facilities like custom emails (admin@gsmsharing.com) but you have to pay for per users because google assigns 2 or 5 TB or storage space to every user. For example if you have 2 users in your G-Suite Admin Console then you have 10 TB of Storage space 5TB for 1 User and 5 TB to other.

Business Package is best for beginners to come familiar with google G-Suite. Google G-Suite is also very responsive with Google Drive API V.3. You can make an interface to share, update, remove and upload files on your G-Suite account. The great example of file sharing from G-Suite is www.gsmsharing.com this website shares files from its G-Suite account on the Web for other users to download and make use of them. You can also share images and videos you want to. 

How to Create a Google G Suite Account?

Creating an account on Google G Suite is easy. You have to pay for your storage plane. Go to https://workspace.google.com/ 

With click on Get Started button it will take you to the next page where you need to fill your name and email address for your account.

It will ask you to provide a domain for your G Suite account which you need to provide. Google will then ask you to provide username and password for your G Suite account. 

How to make money from Google G-Suite?

If you have knowledge of coding then you can make a decent amount of money by sharing useful content, files and other data to others through websites. Upload your content onto the G-Suite drive and share it with the help of Google Drive Api on your website and monetize them with any ads network.

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