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How to Flash Samsung Note 10 Plus 5G Binary 7 firmware

Samsung make one of the best Android phones in the world. People love Samsung phones due to their reliability and good looking User interface. People like Samsung phone because of its beautiful screen and brighter colors. Samsung Note 10 is one of the best known product because samsung provides S Pen with note series which comes very handy when you take notes or draw some thing. S Pen is best for taking notes its very quick and you can note down any thing you want on your phone which is very handy in many situations.

Samsung Note 10 Plus is also famous for its large display and Camera. Samsung Note 10 has one of the best cameras. Phone is very famous for its camera which are best to take pictures. Althogh its an Android based phone which comes with some issues. Android phones become slow over the time and some time viruses make application to stop and phone start showing warnings and error messages to the users. Android phones are very best when it come to their software updates restore they can be updated very easily with the help of sosftwares.

Odin is the best tool to update your phone software and get rid of all the bugs and errors. All you need is the latest version of your cable drivers to connect you phone with PC or Laptop. You need to follow the steps below to flash update your Samsung Note 10 Plus:-

Download Latest Version of Odin.

Download Latest Version of Cable Drivers.

Download Samsung Note 10 Plus File from Here https://gsmsharing.com/Fourm/ViewFourm/42

Turn Off your Phone and back on by pressing Power and Volume down Key.

If Above step not work then try Power Key and Volume up key.

Open Odin on your PC / Laptop and connect your phone with your PC or Laptop Device.

Select Files in Odin and click on Start button to start update process.

How to Check binary Version of my phone

You can update flash your phone with any binary version file except the lower version. To check binary version of your phone you need to turn off your phone and turn it back on by pressing power key and volume down key. Hold them together for 3 - 4 Seconds. your phone will restart in download mode and when you press volume up key again then on the top left corner of your phone you can see the binary version of your phone software. You can't flash update your phone with low binary version file. You can update / flash your phone only with same version or version that is greater. 

Hope this help you alot you can visit https://gsmsharing.com/Fourm/ViewFourm/42 for more update and quries. 

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