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Imran Khan attacked on his long march bullet hit on legs leave two dead and many injured

Assassination attempt on Imran Khan make people sad and angry. According to the reports of media and social media Imran Khan is on his way to islamabad on his political campaign long march against corrupt elite which is causing loss to the peoples of pakistan and the country is falling down into the economic crises. Millions of people are in his long march towards Islamabad. When his convoy reached the Wazirabad populated area someone attempted to assassinate former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran khan. Fortunately he is saved by two bullet hits on his right leg causing damage to his bone. According to doctors this can be recoverable and there is no need to worry.

People are angry with the government. They think that the Pakistan Government wants to kill Imran Khan like they killed journalist Arshad Sharif in Kenya. God knows who wants to kill this legend. A beautiful and successful man who is a hope for many of the peoples in Pakistan. He is also popular in muslim community all around the world. We pray and hope that he will recover soon and back to his movement which he started from Lahore. People protest against Government and other Security departments in Pakistan which they think are responsible for this assassination attempt.

Corrupt Government making it hard to live in Pakistan and also they have failed to control crimes, prices of food, billing and are unable to provide basic necessities to the people of pakistan which cause peoples to join PTI who is delivering to their peoples much better than anyone else.

Imran khan gives hope to the people of Pakistan and as a prime minister of Pakistan he delivers much more than the Pakistan peoples expected. Every young person who gets his National card and becomes 18 years old is willing to support Imran Khan. 

Imran khan is a much popular personality among Pakistan's young generation. Even older people like him because of his many charitable programs and when he talks he always tries to teach his people a good lesson like a father or a teacher. Imran khan is one of the best speakers who motivates and wants his people to have a status which they deserve the most. He worked a lot to decrease poverty in Pakistan and created many opportunities for the young generation and also boosted the business sector which pushed the economy and jobs for his people. Pakistan started making phones, cars, medical equipment and exporting them around the world. 

Pakistan's starts growing in Imran Khan's tenure. That's why people love him the most who are sensible and want their country to grow. 

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