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Samsung phones software and Security lock issues and solution

Android Phones are bestselling phone in the market. There are many reasons to buy Android phones. You can buy a very cheap Android phone and you also have a flagship Android Phone which are best. You can buy Android cheapest phone in just $100 USD can you believe it. Android phones are also very known for its customizations you can customize everything on the screen color themes launchers you name it and Android phone is able to do that. Where Android Phone give all kind of flexibility they keep it in their OS to solve issues and flash or update phones with custom ROMS. Samsung phones also makes 3 kinds of phones to target lower, middle and Flagship market. Mid-range phone are very popular because they are affordable and even nearly similar to Flagship phones. Samsung phones have another best User Interface (UI) which is very famous among most of the public.

Software Issues of Samsung or Android Phones.

Where Samsung / Android phone provide best user experience and customization these things comes with some cost. Android phones are virus friendly and if you install an application which contain viruses it will destroy your (OS) operating system and you can’t do anything except that you pay a Mobile technician or company to restore your phone. You can also lose all of your data contacts from your phone if you don’t have a backup. You pay a double price in shape of data and money. To save money and time here is a very universal solution to solve almost all of Android phones software issues. You need a PC if you want a fresh installation for your phone.

How to Restore Android Phones without paying any money.

All Android phones have a key feature of Hard Restore which is provided by any Android phone available in the market. Hard restore does that if your phone not working smoothly or its showing errors over and over then you have option to Hard Restore your phone and if you forget your phones lock you can also choose to Hard Restore option. After hard reset or Hard Restore you will lose all of your settings contacts and data on your phone but you will be able to use your phone again without any software issues.

To restore your phone you need to power it off and follow the steps below.

Press volume up or down button to bring Hard Reset Options. Some phones do it with volume up and some with volume down key. You need to press them simultaneously.

You need to choose format or Erase data from the menu to reset your phone.

After erasing process complete restart your phone.

If your above steps completes successfully your phone will be restart successfully.

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