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iPhone xs vs iPhone 11 which is best?

iPhone Xs is now an ancient phone which has old camera technology and design. Apple made major updates this time with their phones. In terms of design and camera. The iPhone Xs was the flagship phone when it was launched. It was so expensive and not everyone was able to buy it. iPhone xs is a mid range phone with smaller size and battery. iPhone xs has the same camera as iPhone xs Pro Max the only difference is in their sizes of screen and battery. People who like to have a smaller phone with the best camera this product is for them. However, the battery life on this phone is not so much that you can use it fearlessly all day. You need to take care of battery life if you want to spend your whole day with a single charge. Battery life of iPhones are always complainable until iPhone 11 series launched with better chipset and battery life. Those who have low budget iPhone xs are a better choice for them because it's now cheaper in 2022 as there is a launch of iPhone 14 which will decrease older versions of iPhones. People mostly buy iPhones for their camera reputation and IOS which is reliable and can run years and years without any lack, hang or malfunctioning. IOS is one of the best operating systems in phones. Its competitor Android is also working on it but stability is nailed by the IOS. Those users who need freedom to explore OS and want to do customizations on their phones always prefer Android because these freedoms are not available in IOS. You cannot customize IOS it is what it is you have no choice to manipulate with IOS. Although iPhones are more expensive than Android, you can buy the cheapest phone of Android with very good numbers of Hardware but the iPhone cheapest phone is expensive like the Android flagship.

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Is it worth it to buy an iPhone 11?

After the iPhone x series Apple decided to launch a product with every thing redesigned because Apple knows that they cannot allow customization of their IOS so they always focus on exterior design and camera upgrades. iPhone 11 was launched with some hardware and design changes which means alot to the iPhone users. This time Apple nailed it in design and battery life. The most selling product of Apple is iPhone 11 which is considered one of the best from Apple. It's somehow true because the iPhone 11 offers everything you need in a phone. iPhone 11 has all the modern features with the best camera and hardware. Its beautiful design attracts people and its sales go higher and higher. After all that Apple decided to not quit the production of iPhone 11 which is the most loved phone by the people. iPhone 11 was launched in three 3 variants iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. iPhone 11 Pro Max has better battery life, large OLED display and triple camera setup. iPhone 11 comes with a two camera setup LCD display and compact size. The iPhone 11 display is one of the most beautiful LCDs. You can never find any difference between an OLED panel and an iPhone LCD panel. 

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Which one to buy: iPhone xs or iPhone 11?

When it comes to deciding which iPhone you have to buy then we recommend you upgrade to iPhone 11 because of its new design, better camera or if you like OLED display brighter blacks and compact size then you can stick with iPhone xs.


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