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Building Applications with Asp.net Core and Hosting?

Nowadays when the world is moving towards online business many problems are coming ahead for developers. People want to launch their websites on low cost and this is one of the most challenging task for the developers. C Sharp developers face these issues because windows hosting cost is much higher then Linux hosting. 

C-Sharp (C#) developers are moving towards asp.net core to develop apps for both Windows and Linux Hosting environments which cause many issues to the developer. Some of them are discussed below:-

  1. Asp.net core can be hosted on Linux environments but to keep it fast they have to code more to build cache and optimization for fast page loading. 

  2. Asp.net Core is difficult to configure on Linux hosting.

  3. Asp.net core is expensive to host on Windows hosting and requires hardware to run smoothly on the server.

  4. Asp.net Core feels cheaper on Linux hosting but if you have a database like SQL Server then you need more hardware to host the database and application.

  5. MySQL server does not work well with C-Sharp (Asp.net Core Identity) So obviously you need to install SQL Server on Linux.

  6. Asp.net core is hard to debug on Linux Server you are unable to identify what is causing problems.

  7. There is a huge difference of price between Windows and Linux hosting.

Which platform is best to host asp.net core?

Window plateforme is expensive but it's alot easier to configure and debug. Windows hosting is one of the suitable environments to host  asp.net applications (C-Sharp) if you can afford it because it performs well with C-Sharp applications.

Linux Hosting for Asp.net Core?

Linux hosting is best if you are good at configuring your linux server. A Linux server can perform well if you configure it correctly and optimize your application with the Linux environment. Cache large amounts of data so that your application loading improves.

Why does Windows Hosting Cost more then Linux?

Linux servers are best in terms of light weight and not consuming too much of harddrive space and RAM on the other hand Windows servers consume space on harddrive and RAM that's why you need a large amount of memory to run your application and it will cost you twice more then linux hosting server. 

Which to choose from Windows Servers or Linux Server?

Asp.net Core (C-Sharp) Applications works well on Windows server because due to Windows user Interfaces it's alot easier to configure Server and C-Sharp runs well if you spend money on hardware.

Linux Server also performs very well with Asp.net Core applications and dot net core is updating its platform day by day which improves speed of application and Linux Server also cost much less as compared to windows. C-Sharp is easier to learn and verstyle to build application for web desktop mobile windows and many more so we recommend you to stick with C-Sharp asp.net core and build more apps to sharp your skills.

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