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How to start Affiliate marketing and how to earn from Affiliate marketing

Website owners pay for their hosting services a huge amount of money to keep their site alive and they are constantly working on their website to keep it updated. If a site is not generating income then it is useless to work on a site which turns into nothing. Due to COVID peoples are job less even brilliant businessmen are facing hard times because their COVID had shut down everything.

How to earn with Affiliate Marketing

As we discussed earlier, due to the pandemic in the world, people are facing a very hard time. Everyone in the world is moving their businesses online because this way we can earn some money for our family and to reach our daily expenses. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money and to keep you in business. The question is how to get started with affiliate marketing. Affiliating with online businesses is very easy nowadays. If you know how to code then make a good looking website register with any online market giant like Amazon,  AliExpress or Alibaba. You only need to promote their products on your site and sell them from your affiliate link. You will be paid a handsome commission for doing that.

Why people buy from my Site if there is already a site selling the same product

People always rise above points and it’s somehow valid to discuss. In our point of view, why do people spend so much money on advertising their sites and products on Google Ads and Facebook? Because websites are ranked most in the country where they are hosted and operated from. People think twice before purchasing a product from the Internet. People seek reviews of products on the internet before purchasing the product. People want products with low price and best quality. So, whenever you publish a product on your site you need to give a brief description of the product that the customer is satisfied with and don’t hesitate to buy it. Websites like Amazon AliExpress and Alibaba also provide a good description for the product that you can use to improve SEO and your site will be ranked and keywords of your website can easily be searched on the internet. 


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