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How to flash Huawei P20 Lite with latest firmware for free download

How to flash Huawei P20 Lite with latest firmware

Huawei P20 Lite is one of the best selling products of Huawei in the Market although Google stopped providing support to Huawei but Huawei started to create its own OS and app gallery for their users. Many of us like Huawei products in Asia because these products have a very cheap rate due to local manufacturing. Huawei is making efforts to bring its product to every one.

Huawei is the most suitable product for those who like to experience Android OS and don’t need any of the Google Services. 

Huawei is most popular in China. Most of the Huawei Products come with MediaTek processors which are very easy to update and restore without spending any money on the tools. Huawei products before google ban have FRP locks and other google security services but after the ban these security precautions have been removed. Huawei P20 Lite can be flashed with CM2 dongle and SP Flash tools.

Why We need tools to update restore Huawei P20 Lite firmware

Tools help us to update and restore mobile firmware and these tools also provide other functionalities like IMEI number restore and remove Security Locks without any loss of data. These tools like the CM2 dongle, which is a very cheap product, help us to read the firmware of the phone which comes very handy when you want to keep a copy of the firmware of a newly launched phone. You can restore this copy on the same model. 

What free firmware update restore tools can do or can’t do?

Tools which are available in the market for free to restore and update the phone firmware are only capable of restoring / updating / rewriting the phone firmware. They cannot remove locks without restoring them. They cannot restore IMEI numbers without restoring your phone and they also cannot keep your data safe. You can use these tools if you don’t need any of yours mobile data in the case of removing security locks.

How to Flash Huawei P20 Lite without professional tools?

To flash restore Huawei P20 Lite without professional tools you need to follow following steps to bring back your phone to life:-

Download the latest MTK driver for your phone and install them.

Download SP Flash tools https://spflashtool.com/

Download Latest firmware for your phone. https://gsmsharing.com/Home/Post/126

Turn off your phone and remove the battery if the battery is removable.

Connect your phone with the PC and give it time to sync with the PC.

Select your Scatter file and click on the download button.

Connect your phone with your PC and your flashing will start shortly.

Things You need to be careful about?

While restoring your phone with SP Flash tools keep in mind that your phone has more then 60 % of battery and be careful that if your phone somehow disconnected from PC While flashing restoring your phone can be dead. 

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