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Which Laptop you needs to buy in 2022? Which is best Dell Xps 13 or Macbook Pro 2022?

Nowadays everyone needs a laptop either as a student or doing a job. Even house wifes need it for many purposes like google something or zoom calls, work from home and many more. Some of them need it because their work depends on it. Like students, they need laptops because they can’t complete their homework and assignments without it. Software engineers need laptops for their daily work. In offices these are compulsory to complete daily tasks. In Fact everyone in the community needs laptops to perform daily routine work on time and perfectly. 

In Covid-19 everything becomes online even if students are at home to study only which is a very new experience for everyone. Businesses are shifted to online social gathering and no one can interact with each other. They used to sit in front of PCs/Laptops to earn for their lives. It was a very difficult time for the world and people learned a lesson from it. They are making alternatives like online businesses and online classes so that in future no one will suffer with these issues.

Now the question is which laptop to buy to perform these tasks. Which laptop is best for me?

We make mistakes while buying laptops because we don’t think alot about why we need a laptop. People buy gaming laptops for only web surfing which is a foolish decision because a gaming laptop with all that power is useless and hard to carry around.  Some people buy very high spec laptops and they use it for nothing instead of typing notes. So therefore we will discuss here which laptop is best for Students and for daily use.

Best Laptops for students.

Students are the one who need laptops for their studies and they need to carry it around with them all the time. They need power battery life and lightweight laptops for which they can choose from two categories: Windows laptops and Macbooks. 

Windows Laptops for students

Dell xps 13

In windows laptops we will prefer Dell Xps 13 series which is very best for students because it has the very best display, battery life and it's also very light weight. Dell Xps comes with a lot of power which can handle anything you throw at it. It can perform every task easily like Software engineers, video editors and light gaming. It is the best laptop in terms of battery life weight and display.


Apple also makes very good laptops for students. Macbook pro 13 and Macbook Air 13 are very popular laptops in the market because of their reliability and stability. Macbooks come very handy because they are stable and very good in video editing. Macbooks are lightweight and you can carry them around very easily. Macbooks are very best laptops in the world people love with Macbooks. if you have budget we suggest that you need to buy Macbook Pro 14 2022 which is monster in power. With its M2 chip you can performe any task you want and you don't need it to upgrade this Laptop in many years. Macbook Pro 14 is one of the powerfull laptop which is popular in software enginners and Video content creators because this laptops is so powerfull that we can perform our task very easily and quickly. Macbook M serices chipsets is Apples best processor ever made.

Laptops for casual users

For those who are only interested in web surfing chats and google something they need to buy mid range laptops. They don’t need laptops to carry around even if they don’t open it for days. So those types of people don’t need expensive and performance laptops for daily use. They can perform their task only with mid range laptops like dell inspiron lenovo and Hp probooks. 

Dell Inspiron series  is best because of their durability and very long range to choose from. Lenovo  is also best in terms of mid range laptops but they cannot be upgradable. Hp Probooks are also best but they are very difficult to repair in terms of design and expensive when it comes to repairing these laptops.

Which laptop to buy is the final decision.

In my opinion if your student then you need to buy dell xps or Macbook Pro 13. If you are casual users then you need to buy from dell inspiron series because it is best for normal users and it can also perform heavy task if you need to.

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