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IOS or Android, which OS is best for users?

There are two operating systems dominating the mobile market one is IOS and other is Android. Android phones are known for their flexibility and customization and on the other hand IOS phones are known for their security reliability. It is very hard to make a choice between them. We will discuss it one by one.

Android Phones:-


Android phones are the most selling phones in the market. You can find many types of Android phones in the market which are very cheap in price but capable of running most of the necessary applications like whatsapp emails facebook twitter and many more. 

Android phones provide you flexibility to customize your phone. You can customize it in anyway you want. You can customize themes, icons and OS as much as you like. You can connect it with other devices with bluetooth to send and share files.

Cons of Android Phones:

Android phones are not reliable because of their flexibility. You can install any application you want but this is very risky because you can expose your sensitive data to others. These OS are virus friendly and your phone OS can easily be corrupted and you can lose your data.Android phones are very slow if they are a little bit weak in terms of hardware. They are stuck / hung often which is frustrating. Android phones become slow when you have large amount of data and apps on your phone. 

Apple Phones IOS:

IOS is based on the Linux operating system. IOS Apple phones are reliable because they are not virus friendly. You cannot install any app on IOS out of its App Store. They are very good in security. You cannot connect it with other devices with bluetooth to share files. You can’t install those apps on it which are highly risky for your sensitive data. They have a very secure network of iCloud which can't be bypassed or unlocked. In case your phone is lost you can erase it from anywhere you want. Your data will be safe of your phone if you are the only one who knows all the codes of your phone.

IOS never slows down or hung /freezes no matter how much data you have on the phone or application on your phone. You will always get a very smooth experience from your phone. IOS is very popular among those people who are very concerned about their data.

Decide which one you have to buy?

Among the market of Android and IOS it is very hard to choose between them when you're new to these markets. If you want a phone which is easy to customize and flexible then Android phones are best for you or if security and reliability is your concern then IOS phones are the best choice for you because Apple gives long term software support to their customers.


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