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Windows hosting server is best or Linux Hosting Server? Which one we have to Choose?

Every Beginner Web Developer is confused whether to start with Linux server or Windows Server which is fast and best for their website. In early days Asp.net applications could not be run on Linux servers which is so disappointing because Windows hosting servers are so expensive and not everyone is providing Windows hosting service.

Now Asp.Net applications also run on Linux and Windows but now another confusion is created that either a developer develops an application for windows platform or Linux platform which is better for his application. Asp.Net comes with the solution that you can run Asp.Net Core application on both Linux and Windows server. Which is better for my application? Which one I have to choose when I want to deploy my application. There is a little comparison with Linux and Windows hosting server below.

Windows hosting Server Review?

Windows hosting was not available on every hosting service which is hard to find and if you are able to get one then it is so expensive that you cannot afford it. Now there are many hosting companies providing Windows hosting services to their users but they are still expensive. Windows Hosting server is the most expensive hosting you can buy from your hosting company. 

Windows hosting services cost you more even if you buy a minimum hardware server. Windows hosting server is time consuming to configure. Due to its GUI interface windows it looks easy to configure a new server but it's hard and time consuming to configure Windows Servers. It's also worth noting that this platform is widely used in our daily life. Windows is on every computer so we don’t think it's difficult. 

If you want to install an IIS server on your windows hosting you have to go into Server Manager search for IIS check the options which are right for you then you have to check all those options you require. On the other hand Linux Server can be installed only with a single command like “Sudo apt-get Install nginx” that's if your server is installed. 

Windows servers are easy to use due to their GUI interface but they are hardware hungry and expensive and also due to Windows these are not reliable or trusted from viruses and hackers.

Linux Hosting Servers Reviews.

Linux hosting servers are one of the popular hosting plateforme everyone can get. It's not expensive and it is popular among php developers because it's fast and not a hardware hungry system. Resources consumption is very low on Linux servers. Linux Server consumes very less memory and space which becomes handy when you want to save files on your server. RAM is also very important to handle traffic on your website. On the other hand Windows servers consume a very large amount of memory and Hard Drive which forces you to upgrade over and over and this can cost you more than what you are earning from your Website.

Linux servers can run only on 1GB of RAM and can perform very well then Windows hosting servers. Linux servers are very easy to configure with the help of a few commands like we described earlier that a nginx or Apache server can be installed with the help of only one command. You can install SSH and FTP on your linux server with a few commands. Your system can be updated with a single command like “Sudo apt-get update” with all this functionality your server will consume very less amount of Hard drive. 

Linux servers are very reliable and don’t crash. These are reliable and stay stable for years. They are capable of handling more traffic with less resources. On the other hand Windows servers always give you warnings for low hardware.

Which one we have to choose for our Web Hosting?

We have tested both of the Windows servers with our website (https://gsmsharing.com) but it was slow on the Windows server because of Low Hardware resources and we couldn't upgrade because it was too expensive So we switched to Linux Server.

Now (https://gsmsharing.com) is hosted on a Linux server and this server is not expensive. We are hosting 4 websites from Linux server 2 of them are under development (https://codestuck.com) and (https://theconceptint.com) third one is todaybins which you are exploring now. We find that linux servers are stable, reliable and less expensive and we can host both php and Asp.Net applications on this server.

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