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How to gain organic traffic on your website with simple changes

How to get organic traffic for a website

This is era of Internet where billions of websites are active on the internet spreading information of all kind all over the globe. Internet is used all over the world. It is also a source of earning for programmers and developers. Ecommerce businesses also making place in Internet world. Millions of peoples purchase products online. There are many reasons for internet addictions one of them is that COVID-19 force peoples to shut down their buisnesses and stay home which affects billions of peoples financially and also mentally. Many buisnesses are transferred on to the Internet because with websites a person can target billions of peoples in the world.

Websites are also used to share information around the world. Now a days we search everything on internet. You name it and you can have it on internet.  Many blogs are working on internet to share useful information and they have much audience who visit these blogs daily and these blogs are earning due to sharing information.

How to get traffic for a website or a blog

Every website which is new on Internet needs a hard work to improve their ranking on Search engines. If your website is not ranked in search engines than its very likely that your site don’t get any hit and all of your efforts to create content will be useless. If you want to increase your traffic and build a reputation on internet you need to follow some suggestions below.

Improve your Site SEO

SEO have major role in your website ranking. If you write a very good or excellent content but your site has poor SEO then your site will not appear in search engines and that information may likely not to be seen by many users. Improve your SEO with Meta tags of description and keywords which help search engines to store information about your site.

Write useful and unique content for your Website.

Search engines are not so stupid that they cannot differentiate in copied and new content. Avoid copy from internet and write your own content for your website / blog. If you don’t they search engines will never store information of those pages which have copied content. Try to write about new topics every day. It will help your site to grow and also increasing audience.

Engage social media

Social media is one of the best ways to spread and gain audience. Always gather social media audience to drive traffic for your website. Twitter and Facebook play major role in increasing traffic for your website. It will also help your site to step up in ranking.

Submit site on All Search Engines.

Google is not the only one search engine your site needs to be submitted on. There are also many other search engines where your site have to be submitted so it can also rank on these search engines. It will also help your site to increase traffic for your website.

Update Sitemap whenever you post on your site.

Sitemap play an important role to rank your website on search engine. You need to update your sitemap daily when you post on your site. There are many online website which make sitemap of your site on very cheap price.

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